Friday, May 29, 2009


I think a lot about forms when working with clay. One of the reasons people are drawn to ceramics is because of the tactile quality of the surfaces and how the piece feels in your hands. This is the same whether you're holding a functional piece or touching a sculpture. For me the sphere is the ultimate form. I don't know if the appeal is the continuous expression, the sensual properties, or maybe how you can envelope the piece in your hands or arms. Possibly all three and much more. I have made spheres in all sizes as in the marbles above or the 15" garden sphere. I look forward to stacking, stringing, and scattering many more spheres in the future!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

It's a dog's world...thank goodness!

  • This is eight month old Harley, the wonderful rescued dog. After a felonious beginning Harley is being fostered by my wonderful neighbors Seana and Bob. We're looking for the perfect home and in the mean time enjoying spending lots of time running and playing in Seana and Bob's giant backyard. I am impressed by the spirit of this great dog and his desire to be loved by his people. Neglect and animal abuse is a horrible issue to come face to face with and we all count Harley lucky to be out of his previous situation. Meet the Black and White Party Dog. I suppose you can guess that he is part of the Party Animal Series. He stands about 11" and also wants to be loved by his people. The third image is a Warhol print from the Mint show. Andy must have known my dog Louie, another great dog. Louie was rescued from the streets of Elizabeth about seven years ago. It's a dog's world don't ya know!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Good Morning! I had coffee this morning on the patio with this view and the birds were in high gear. Wishing all my friends well today at their various sales...Rosedale and the Barn Sale!! I hope to see you.
Above is my Party Sheep, part of the Party Animals series of earlier. He stands about 11" tall. All of the Animals are wearing you have a party of course!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Creative Process

I have recently been reading and thoroughly enjoying a book entitled INSPIRATION Tricia Guild. She is a British designer who has created fabrics, wall papers, and furnishings since 1970. The book is a glimpse into what inspires her creative process. For many years I have been collecting images from magazines, books, packaging, cards...all sorts of things, as Tricia Guild puts it "waiting to connect in some of these images will come into my head, an idea for a design." It's spontaneous and often how inspiration works for me. The photographs in the book are spectacular!!
A particular artist she shares with us is Marc Quinn, also British, born in the mid 60's. The image I have included here...yes, I know it is sideways and no matter how I have tried to correct this, it has a mind of its own...please turn your head sideways to view! a piece he entitles Garden, 2000. What is totally fascinating about this work is that it is a whole garden full of plants which could never grow together kept in cryogenic suspension in a glass case...a frozen garden!! Wow!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Well...this is the beginning

I must say, this certainly has taken quite a long time in coming. I've wanted to share some thoughts and images with you for awhile. Last November I moved my studio home after being apart of Clayworks in Charlotte for almost nine years. There certainly was good and bad. I no longer had the opportunity to spend days with some very close friends, watch their work progress, or gleam good advice on demand. On the other hand I have a wonderful view through both my french doors, fresh air whenever I swing them open, my dogs hanging close, and alot of new opportunities. The friends are still close and they're still willing to give good advice. All in all it was a great move. So today, my first posting, I want to share an image I took this morning 10 feet from my studio door. There are three baby birds in the nest!