Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Visit to Lawndale

Barbara Chadwick-Bland and I cently visited dear riends, Corine Guseman and Hal Dedmond at their wonderful country home in Lawndale, NC. This is a photo of their home in the early morning mist. You can see part of the wood kiln to the left. Corine and Hal are both amazing potters who have the good fortune to work in this awesome setting. The property has been in Hal's family for generations and is quite picturesque. They actually have a compound: Gallery, studios, kiln shed, glazing shed, workshop/classroom facility...and yes an old barn with beautiful goats!!!!
We attended the exhibit opening of Between the Covers, a book arts show at the Cleveland County Arts Council in Shelby. Really loved the show and thoroughly enjoyed Margaret Cogswell, current artist in residence at Penland. Her work is incredible...I love it!!! Margaret shared her really, really good chocolate chip cookies and a performance piece, she's very clever!!
The other photos are of the goats, Corine's greenware vases, a beautiful red bug, the new deck, and our morning hike. It was wonderful to get away!! Thanks Hal and Corine!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Ceramic Wall Hanging

This is an image of a tiled wall hanging...not hanging! It currently measures 22"w x 28"h. It will eventually have a ceramic border in black and white, be mounted and grouted on a board. There are two larger pieces hanging at the Levine Children's Hospital and I have two at home. I have really enjoyed making these pieces and would love to work with this technique more. I can see an entry surround or a long horizontal piece as well. Hope you like it.

I'm currently working on several vases which will be wonky, three legged, black and white affairs. I'll show you as they progress.
Hope you enjoy this bright sunny day!!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Harley...Tigger...It's Duncan!!

Our boy Duncan has a new home!!!! Karen lives down the street and doesn't mind frequent visitors...thank goodness! This is one happy pup. Welcome to new beginnings!

Goodbye sweet dog!!!!!